Cleaning and gardening services that change lives

Feel house proud while empowering people that have a disability

Nothing beats the satisfaction of a freshly cleaned home or workplace – except perhaps knowing the cleaners you have chosen are a team of dedicated disability support workers that are working alongside and supporting individuals with a disability, and that together you are helping those people with disabilities to work and achieve their life-changing goals.

Welcome to Maid in Orange, a proactive cleaning and gardening services business that believes strongly in equity for all and provides support and employment with an award wage for people with a disability to be self-sufficient, and achieve independence.

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House Cleaning Services

Need help around the house or yard? Would you prefer to sit back and relax? You need Maid in Orange

Our cleaning and gardening services are designed for everyone living and working in Orange, NSW and the immediate surrounds. Including providing services for NDIS participants requiring domestic and gardening support.

Leave the chores to us so your time is freed up to focus on the things you love to do. And when you choose Maid in Orange, you are supporting a capable team of cleaners and gardeners that are also support workers providing supervision through supported employment for people that have a disability that love to work and feel part of our community.

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Join us in making a difference

What makes Maid in Orange unique?

Our workers are assisted by our team of cleaners and gardeners that are also dedicated support staff trained to work with people that have a disability who have varying skills and abilities – and an abundance of passion to work!

Our support services are for anyone with a home and business wishing to have a clean and tidy space whilst at the same time helping to support our mission: to help our team gain a sense of purpose, feel fulfilled and achieve independence through work.

We also provide this service for people living with a disability that have an NDIS plan and require domestic and gardening services, and is at the same time is performed by people with a disability supporting their goals to achieve independence and employment through a supported employment plan with the NDIS.

The key benefits of working with us

Choosing Maid in Orange means working with an organisation that is helping to shape the lives of people that have a disability. You are empowering our team to achieve their goals and aspirations. And, of course, our services take away the brunt of housework so you gain more me time – now that’s a perk!

We are committed to working with our clients to make a positive impact on the lives of our workers so they feel included and supported
Equity and diversity is important to us. We support our team and our clients to feel valued and respected because they matter.
We offer affordable services without compromising on quality. And we take away the pressure of keeping your premises clean so you have time to relax and enjoy life!
Supported employment wages are typically paid below the award wage, but not at Maid in Orange. We pay award wage and offer our team a supportive environment.
Cleaning and gardening services

Cleaning and gardening takes teamwork

Our team are trained and supported by our support workers to equip them with the skills needed to deliver our services effectively and with excellence. This includes skills training and work safety training. They are ably assisted and assessed by professionals such as occupational therapists so our team can achieve their goals.

Get to know us

Our clients come to us not only because they want an excellent cleaning and garden maintenance company. They also love knowing that they are helping to empower and shape the future of people that have a disability. Like us, they are dedicated to improving the well-being of our team.

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